Selfie + Landscape = Geoselfie

We provide fully automated photography services.

Have a look at an example, just hit play!

We’ve fully automated our technology, there is no human interaction needed. Users scan a QR code, follow the steps from their mobile, trigger the cameras and the resulting mp4 file is delivered instantaneously to their mobile phones, allowing them to share it immediately on social media.

Latest Locations & Events:

More examples at our gallery.

How does it work?

Our camera system can be easily installed at your location or event. We provide the ideal platform for branded User Generated Content (UGC) on social media. 

Business agreements will depend on file commercialisation; a monthly license or shared revenue are feasible options to make Geoselfie a profitable business for your venue and maximise your exposure.

The service is available for specific events, with a rate established considering activation per day.

The following videos show how Geoselfie can enhance your guest experience by providing them a unique opportunity: Capturing themselves and the whole landscape!

If you have are a venue or brand manager and wish to try Geoselfie:

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